Business Coaching

Talent and Confidence Coaching for Women Leaders

We have a particular passion for working with women in your organisation who tend to lack confidence in pursing promotions. Business is being encouraged to support women in business to reach executive positions. Women at all levels of your organisation can benefit from this type of coaching, after all executives aren’t born into these roles. We can help you achieve this through coaching and mentoring programmes. We have already helped lots of women achieve their ambitions.


Middle Management Coaching

Experience tells us there are masses of unlocked potential already in this group of people. These people often have the greatest influence over the most people. We can support the talent in this group of people, through coaching, who are often forgotten.

Each event is bespoke to you with the aim of, leaving you and your team in a more resourceful state to drive your business forward. 80% of the people we have worked recently have already been promoted.


Coach The Coach

Coaching is a skill. Do your managers have it?

Coaching has become a buzzword in many organisations. Do your leaders know how to do it? Even If they have been taught do you really know if coaching is being carried out effectively in your organisation or are you just hoping it is?
We provide on the job coach the coach training. We also heavily encourage the use of observations as part of any coaching programme to help delegates practice and learn in a “safe environment”.

If you have already invested in coach training we can help you establish how effectively this is being used in your organisation, allowing you to get the facts before further investment.

Sharon is one of the most engaging leaders I have worked with. She has her own personal experiences in multiple industries and many positions, which give her a good grounding of situations individuals face.
J.A - CEO FTSE 100 Business