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Hi, my name is Sharon Macarthur and my company is Red Handbag.


I’m a leadership confidence coach. I help businesses get the best out of any investment they might have already spent on their leadership teams.


I like to do things differently, so I’ve turned my business model on its head. I spend quality time one to one with leaders, rather than sheep dip them on a lovely day of training.


Too many times we attend training days, learning lots and coming back with great intentions. When we get back to the office reality hits; we get scared of trying new things, so we do nothing instead. All that investment gets wasted. No one mentions it anyway so perhaps it’s not that important to change? Sound familiar?


I work with leaders who want to turn learning into practical doing, which is where the value of any investment lies. I specialise in working with women, newly appointed, and middle managers.


Managers are the linchpin of every business. They hold power over lots of people. When they get stuff wrong the impact on people can be huge, and not in a good way. People don’t leave a great company they leave a bad manager. Over the years I’ve heard many horror stories. Most people I meet have experienced the impact of a poor leader.


However, when leaders get it right you have happy motived people who work hard, provide great customer service, and help grow your business. What’s not to love? For these reasons, investing in your leaders should be a given.


How do you support the leaders in your business?


I would love to catch up and hear about how you plan to support your leadership community in the coming year.

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PS. If nothing else I hope this experience has made you smile!