The story behind Red Handbag

The Story Behind Red Handbag

Standing in the queue at my local store a young woman commented on my handbag.

“I love your handbag and I wish I had the confidence to have a red handbag.
My Dad got me a cream bag for Christmas and I dare not use it in case it gets marked. I just don’t have the confidence to use it”

“Well”, I said “if I were you I would take your cream handbag out of the wardrobe, put a mark on it yourself, somewhere you can’t see it. Then you won’t be stressed any more about using it, as the thing you are most worried about will already have happened! Then you can use it can’t you?”
“Wow, I never thought of that, I’m going to do it !”

This event, although small and ordinary, is what the spirit of coaching is all about. Helping others to see there is an alternative way of thinking, then taking action. Originally started to help women with confidence issues in the workplace, Red Handbag has grown to help business at all levels develop brilliant leaders.

PS. I always carry a red handbag.

Our Values

Your success is our success and we believe that you know your business best. However sometimes you may need an external view to help you get to the route cause. We work with you in an open and honest way, to establish the facts. Then provide solutions to best suit your business. Always done with results in mind the set and set down are very important to us. There is no point in investing if behaviours aren’t changed.

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Making a difference
  • Resourcefulness
These values drive everything we do.