What People Say

  • I would definitely recommend coaching to others in my organisation. I can see coaching as a way to develop self-awareness in the individual, enhance decision-making skills and boost interpersonal effectiveness and confidence.
    A.A.C - Global Product Marketing Manager
  • The coaching sessions were really useful to me on emotional and personal level and have an impact on my professional way of working. I would recommend that kind of session for each person who is starting in a new role.
  • I met with Sharon and found the session truly inspirational.

    She has introduced me to a new perspectives and ways of looking at things which I have never considered or explored before – and amazingly she has made it all feel very tangible and achievable!

  • Sharon is one of the most engaging leaders I have worked with. She has her own personal experiences in multiple industries and many positions, which give her a good grounding of situations individuals face.
    J.A - CEO FTSE 100 Business
  • Sharon’s leadership style is to set out clear direction on what is to be achieved, ensuring people understand what needs to be achieved, empowering and enabling people to deliver themselves by inspiring them, coaching and developing people to realise their own potential.
  • I have experience of working with Sharon in many capacities, her personally leading teams, providing team development in a consultancy capacity, one to one coaching in a leadership role and consultancy capacity and having experienced feedback and coaching directly from Sharon myself.

Ever had a bad manager?

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Pre Leadership Coaching and Management Development

The best companies deliver the greatest results through engaged, happy, motivated people. You may have great ambitions for your customers, but without the hearts and minds of your people this is unlikely to happen.

Great leadership can be the key to engaged customers, profit, and a talent pool of people who care about your business.
Here at Red Handbag we are passionate about getting rid of poor management behaviours, through coaching, training and mentoring. Everyone can benefit from leadership development getting results from what you do, not just what you know.

12 Things They Didn’t Tell You About Leadership

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